A program designed to benefit and strengthen your heart condition, improve your balance, strengthen your bones (very important!) and help you lose the those stubborn extra pounds that just never seem to go away! This program is for Everyone. Learn the importance of preventing the natural loss of lean muscle mass that comes with aging referred to as Sarcopenia and how to maintain a Healthy, Strong, Balanced Body!


We all know how important food is. It's a major tool that has the potential to completely "change the game" for you during your own personal fitness journey. However, without a meal plan, guidance, accountability and commitment - you'll never experience the complete package or experience of becoming the healthiest, strongest, leanest version of who "You" can be!


A series of 3 programs specifically designed to target your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Routines based on maintaining lean muscle mass while promoting weight loss, core strength, and overall endurance.


High Intensity Interval Training. Identify, and push your limits to new levels with this method of training that keeps your training programs fresh and challenging! Increase your metabolism, burn fat without losing muscle, no equipment required. Challenge Yourself!


Improve your flexibility, range of motion and posture through various techniques of dynamic, static, PNF, and passive stretching techniques.


What are some of the conditions you've helped clients with in Rehab?

Neck pain, Low and Mid back pain, Shoulder pain, Rotator Cuff Tendinitis, Labral Tear, Shoulder Surgery (Prehab and After Care), Elbow and Wrist pain (Tennis & Golfer’s elbow), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hip pain, Sciatica, Knee pain, Meniscus Tear, ACL Tear, Knee Surgery (Prehab and After Care).

How long will it take to reach my goal?

It depends upon your goal. I offer 3 month training packages to promote commitment and consistency, it provides time to make adjustments and track progress. It allows me time to create effective and safe training programs.

Can I train with a friend?

Yes. I offer Tag Team training. You and your partner can train together. The sessions are fun because you have friendly competition and support.

What exercise science related degrees and/or certifications do you have?

I’m certified by two of the top 3 nationally accredited organizations in the fitness industry. The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the International Sports Sciences Association. These organizations have achieved accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). In addition, I hold specialty certifications in corrective exercise & weight loss. Maintaining continuing education units to keep current on the latest research and trends are a priority to me.

Who is your support network or sounding board when you have a question regarding a client?

In my years of experience I have formed relationships and resources with physicians, therapists, and other experienced trainers that I turn to with questions and assistance whenever needed. In the next few months we will be forming an Advisory Board.

What kind of results can I expect?

I don’t set unrealistic goals or expectations for my clients. What I assure them of is the fact that I will design the best program possible for them based on their individual needs and goals. If they follow the program I can track and give them a general idea of where they should be in terms of progress after one month , 3 months, or 6 months if they stick to the program.

How frequently should I train in order to see timely results?

Your workload depends upon your current fitness level, your ultimate goal, and your ability to follow your “active rest” program when we are not training together. My clients average 2-3 sessions per week to maintain consistency. Clients are strongly encouraged to workout no less then twice a week. (For example, 50 workout sessions should be completed within 25 weeks of the purchase date.)

How frequently should I be working with a trainer?

Your workload depends upon your current fitness level, your ultimate goal, and your ability to follow your “active rest” program when you are not with your trainer. My clients average 2 – 3 sessions per week with me depending on what our current goal may be.

Do you offer nutrition counseling?

Yes, all training packages of 20 Sessions or more automatically receive one (1) Complimentary meal plan and can be referred to nutritional professionals through my network of qualified affiliates.

Do you offer personal training for the budget conscious fitness enthusiast?

Yes, I also have options for Online Training that can be combined with in-person training sessions. Small group sessions are available as well, but do not exceed 3 people.

Do you have proof of professional liability insurance?

Yes. Almost every “A” rated insurance carrier that provides professional liability for the fitness industry requires certification from a reputable certifying body. If any trainer does not have coverage, he/she is either not insurable or is not adhering to professional standards.

What is your communication style or demeanor when training clients?

It depends on the clients goals, commitment, and personality. I match my client’s needs through an array of different methods of motivation & education. It’s my job to identify the triggers to push us toward our overall goals. Respect and professionalism are very important.

Can you provide me with references of satisfied clients?

Yes. You can see a few here on the website, or I can provide you with a list. Just submit a contact form or send an email to

What is your cancellation policy?

Package Refunds

Refunds are available on training packages minus any sessions used and a $250 cancellation fee will be charged within 72 hours of your purchase.

Canceled Sessions Policy

A 24 – hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced. Rescheduling, or canceling a already scheduled session in less than 24 hours of the scheduled time will result in the loss of that session. It cannot be redeemed.

Success Stories on All Levels...

Marc Lamar is an excellent personal trainer. He is smart, professional and reliable. During the year that I spent training with Marc he taught me a hundred great ways to get, and stay, in shape. Specifically, he helped me to train for the New York City marathon. Having done my first at age 30 I can tell you that it takes a lot more know how to complete it at 60. Marc has that know how. In addition, he happens to be enjoyable to work-out with. I strongly recommend Marc to anyone interested in improving their health or achieving a challenging goal.


Michael Hayes

Author & Educator

When I began my fitness business I was not sure how to proceed. I was like a fish out of water. Meeting Marc caused me to rethink how I conducted myself and how I was going to operate my business. He taught me the three things I needed to master in me which will then reflect on my business. Confidence, Courage, and Certainty. These qualities caused every aspect in my life to flourish. My fitness knowledge and strength grew, the income in my business grew, and I grew as a person. I would have never imagined that one person could have such an impact to change my life. I found my experience life changing. I recommend Marc Lamar to people who need coaching in Fitness and Business. I’m Serious.


Ralph St.Juste

Fitness Expert, CSCS and Public Speaker

When I first met Marc I couldn’t do a pull-up and he’s helped me not only to achieve that goal but to push my limits to new physical heights. I like how he really listens to my goals on what I want to accomplish and puts together a training plan tailored to my needs and abilities. His wealth of knowledge and expertise have helped me to be the strongest and most athletic I’ve ever been, and the results show–my performance keeps improving in our workouts and in my obstacle course racing. Because of my increased athletic abilities I feel more confident and proud of myself. I would recommend Marc to everybody, but especially to those who are willing to put the work in because he will absolutely put work in to help you all while being motivating without being harsh, encouraging without sugar-coating, and always supportive and selfless–qualities that show his personal dedication to helping you. Marc has helped me to realize that I am an athlete and I couldn’t be happier to have him on my side.


Karen Duong


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Michael Hayes
Author & Educator
Ralph St.Juste
Fitness Expert, CSCS and Public Speaker
Karen Duong
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