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Our Balance & Mobility Program

Skeletal alignment and maintaining mobility are crucial when increasing your muscle mass. The more flexible and mobile you are, the better you can perform in all areas of your life and also reduce your risk on pain and injury. Our balance and mobility program focuses on static and dynamic stretching and posture correcting techniques.

Why is balance important?

Balance is a fundamental aspect of everyday tasks that we perform. Commonly neglected stabilizer muscles are worked while balancing, as well as the improvement of joint stability and internal focus.

Balance is also one critical skill that tends to weaken as we age, so maintaining it is crucial. It's a use-it-or-lose-it proposition.

Balance & Mobility | All Level Fitness

Why is mobility important?

The ability to have full range of motion in your muscles and joints is one of the most critical aspects of training. Improving your mobility can help you be able to workout longer, reduce joint pain, and also reduce your risk of injury in and out of the gym. 

Mobility is our ability to move freely and without pain. Everything in our lives that requires movement is impacted by our mobility – from sprints and explosive lifting to putting on your socks as you age.

Mobility | All Level Fitness

Balance & Mobility Training Benefits

Maintaining your balance and mobility improves several areas of your life.

   Improved posture 

   Eased range of motion

   Reduced risk of injury

   Decreased joint pain

   Improved sports, work, and activity performance

Balance & Mobility | All Level Fitness

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