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When it comes to the nutrients you give your body, my philosophy is this—food is a tool. Period. Sure, it feels good to eat, it tastes good (most of the time) but you can’t forget that in it’s simplest form, it’s a tool.


You could train with the biggest fitness guru in the world with the most advanced strength training and cardio program known to man—but if you don’t know how to TRULY replenish your body, your results diminish quick.

…don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Diet is something that most people never fully understand and therefore never see true breakthrough in their eating habits.

Let's Talk Meal Planning

The other side of meal planning is accountability. Through MindBody, all of my clients at All Level Fitness (ALFites) have access to yours truly as a guide and accountability partner.

You need someone who cares enough about your health (besides you) to keep you on track, or eventually you will give in to old habits, or just stop caring as much as you should. Let me be that guide and accountability for you.

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