Being healthy is all about eating healthy.

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Are you among the group of people that have excess weight in the stomach area?

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Most people believe that healthy eating is an expensive affair—which is typically why people avoid healthy eating ... Read More

We’ve all heard the adage “attitude is everything” and it is. When your attitude is right you’re ready to take ... Read More

Kettle bells are one of my favorite tools to use with my clients. They’re great for building all aspects of ... Read More

We’ve all heard how exercise improves your health and energy levels. We’ve all heard how exercise makes your ... Read More

We all come to a point in our lives when we realize that we want to change.

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For women working out in the free weight section of a gym can be very intimidating. Many women ... Read More

Quick and effective weight loss is a desirable goal for a majority of people and the biggest loser wins. However, ... Read More


3 square meals daily are really passe these days. The “magic formula” to curb cravings as well as ... Read More

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